Comprehensive Predictor Review ATI | Study Guide Exit Exam



The Comprehensive Predictor Review | ATI Proctored Nursing Exam Study Guide for 2024 (Pink Edition)

Made this when I was studying for my nursing program’s capstone Comprehensive ATI Exit Exam. I study better with colors & charts and had a hard time getting myself to read and retain information from the pink ATI comprehensive review booklet. I got a 98% chance of passing the NCLEX-RN with this study guide and by doing tons of practice questions! (My advice is to do as many questions as possible & go over this study guide) This includes all topics + concepts needed for the ATI exit exam which helped me pass and I am confident that this study guide will help you as well and graduate nursing school!

What You’ll Get:
– {54} pages of notes to help study for ATI Comprehensive Predictor Review (proctored) Exam for Nursing

– {16} pages of ATI Focused Review in .docx so that you can edit & add your own notes while studying. Topics included: Fundamentals, Adult Med Surg, Mental Health, Nursing Care of Children, Pharmacology, Leadership and Management, Maternal Newborn, and Nutrition.


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